Million dollar Momma


I have always loved to write.  I especially love to write rhyming children’s books.  I usually wake up my child in the morning with a silly rhyming song…Hannah banana I’m glad you’re not in Montana.   I love you so…I really hope you know!  My lifelong dream is to be a published author of children’s books.  I can see myself being interviewed on the Today Show about my newest hit with the kiddos across America.

“So, Stephanie Banks…How does it feel to be compared to e. e. cummings?  Some even say Eric Carle.”

“Oh, Matt Lauer…what a fabulous thing to say!  Me?  e. e. cummings?  Eric Carle?  Really?  Who said that?”

Okay, so probably not going to happen, but that’s not going to stop me from sending my first manuscript, If I Could Be Anything, to Boyds Mills Press, the supposed “old-fashioned” publishing company that accepts unsolicited manuscripts, and they pay you to publish!  That’s a hard thing to find!

With that first published book comes the chance to be a stay-at-home mom who goes to school working on her masters, has dinner ready promptly at 6, and is at car pick-up everyday with no after-school daycare in sight!

Dreams can come true!  If this one doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of trying.  And in the meantime, I’ll be more than happy to live the dream that I’m currently living…being completely cherished by my husband, cherishing every minute of every day, enjoying the hilarious things my 7 year old comes up with, scooping kitty poop, working on the local college campus in the building next to my husband’s while attending a class and getting the employee waiver, cheering for the Arkansas Razorbacks on the television and any game that fits our busy schedule, and saving Princess Peach on the Wii so many times that I could do it with my eyes closed.  For this dream, I wouldn’t take a million dollars.  For the dream of seeing my stories and name in print, I would gladly take a million dollars.


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  1. Love reading what you write, Steph. I , too, like to express myself by writing my thoughts. The girls told me that Tim keeps a journal of all the funny things they say. T hat is a neat idea. I wish I had thought of that. After tony died I spent many nights writing as many funny things he said or did so that they would have them to laugh about some day. Keep up the good work. I admire you for having such a dream. I pray that it will come true. Love you, Aunt Sheryl

    • Thanks Aunt Sheryl! I’ve been writing down things that Hannah says since she started talking. i have a little calendar that fits in her scrapbook. I’m so glad I’ve been doing that. if there’s one thing I could suggest to a new parent it would be to do this. You always think you’ll never forget that statement…but for me, 5 minutes later I can’t remember!!!haha I wish I could have had the chance to know uncle tony. I hear he was pretty funny! You should start a blog…it’s really easy. thanks and love ya

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