Amendment to All I Really Need to Know


So after I wrote All I Really Need to Know, I realized I left out perhaps the most important person on the list from whom I’ve learned…MOM!  Mom gave me the foundation of, well, me.  She reinforced the lessons taught in kindergarten, but she had started them several years before I stepped into Miss Beverly’s beautifully decorated room.  She started the lesson on patience from the very first time I broke a piece of brick off the fireplace hearth.  The lessons on patience became a recurring song in my life, but the verses changed daily.  Whether it was the brick or throwing a book into my sister’s eye, or slamming my tennis racket on the court because of the very important missed forehand, my mom was right there to encourage patience.  She always began with “the look”, followed by a heart-wrenching speech that would bring me to tears, a big “momma” hug, and the promise to change. And Dad, let’s not forget Dad.  He taught me how to laugh and work to make others laugh.  He’s encouraged me to, like mom, always do my best and never give up.  He is my dad, and I’ve always been daddy’s little girl…basketball in the driveway, playing jokes on my mom, and eventually, walking me down the aisle.  But I guess Mom has been my go-to-girl, my very best friend…I could always and still talk to her about anything…ANYTHING!

She taught me to never give up, put myself in someone else’s shoes, and always tell the people you love that you in fact love them because in the blink of an eye, those people may be gone.  Work hard, make each day count, give, love your family, …the list goes on and on.  She always told me these things, but until this past summer, some of these characteristics didn’t sink in until, okay, you know…cherish hit me.

I now cherish each conversation with my mom.  I cherish our trips to Shreveport on a monthly basis for my infusion.  Before cherish was introduced into my vocabulary on a daily basis, I would just say, “Uh huh, Mom,” and not really HEAR her.  I see her, my dad, and my mamaw aging, and I realize all the years I missed in cherishing them.  Like my husband and daughter, I’ve loved them deeply, but I haven’t, for one, told them that and many times I haven’t shown them that.  Now I tell them frequently how much I love and cherish them.  I adore them, admire them, and appreciate them.  From this new found wisdom, if you will, I see life in a whole new light.  Bottom line, life is too short not to cherish the ones you love. 

I regret not putting Mom in my first post because she did do a little thing for me called “giving me life.”    And as she always said, I brought you into this world and I can take you out.  And I actually believed her!  She was a public school teacher for many years, but she’s been my private tutor for 35.  I am blessed to call her my best friend and for my daughter to call her Suz. 



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