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Backwards America


As I pump my $3.43 a gallon in gas, listening to my favorite radio station only to hear a song with sexually explicit lyrics begin to blare, hear a redneck fling the “F” word around at the pump next to me while his woman trudges into the store scuffling along in her pajama pants and house shoes, and see a 10 year old ride by on his bike while talking on his cell phone, I can’t help but wonder…what in the world has happened to America?  Where/when did we start going backwards?  Or have we ever really been going forwards?

I think our founding fathers were on track way back when, but when in the world did our morals, pride, common sense, sense of responsibility, and any other positive character trait you can think of just fly right out the window?

Backwards Example #1:

Athletes are paid millions and millions of dollars to…that’s right…PLAY!  Play?  Play what?  A game with a ball?  Seriously?  How much you ask?  How about Tiger Woods, #1, $75 million…hit a little white ball with a club off a tee!!!  What?  Or, LeBron James, #3 , $44.5 million…slam a ball in a hoop, dribble between his legs, and all right out of high school!  You kidding me?  WOW!  Yep, that’s talent!

I’m not arguing that some of these guys are amazing on the court, or field, or course, but why are their talents any different than those of us “regular” people?  I think I have some amazing talents.   I can make a mean hair bow, but I’m lucky if I bank $5.  And no, people aren’t going to pay $500 for a ticket to sit on my couch and watch me twirl the hot glue gun around my finger.  Or my mom, a retired teacher, who’s talent of enthralling students with the English language was uncanny, and she was lucky to bring home $30,000 for the entire year.  And no, people aren’t going to pay $700 to watch my mom figure out ways to teach her children or watch her make the red ink pen dance across the pages.  So why is bouncing a ball, throwing or catching a ball, or hitting a ball considered such an amazing talent in this country?

Bottom line:  We have decided what is talent in this country.  We have decided that it makes sense to pay to watch these people play.  We have bought the shoes endorsed by Bryant and worn the jerseys with Brees written across the back.  We the people…  We have decided that the most important talent in this country revolves around sports, clubs, balls, gyms, fields, etc.  We the people have paid to put our kids on a field so they can be yelled at by some “wanna-be, has-been” high school athlete/coach all for the bragging rights around the coffee pot Monday morning…  Yeah, well my son is on the traveling team for West Monroe…yeah, well my daughter scored all the goals at Saturday’s soccer game.  I played sports and loved every minute of it, but my parents made sure I understood that the main talent of mine was using the brain.  Okay, that’s a whole other blog… back to the point…I don’t visit professional sports venues.  I VERY seldom watch a professional game on television…I’d rather see the college kids play for the reasons these games were invented…challenge, fun, team building, comradery.  The reason I played and want my child to play…FUN, CHALLENGE, TEAM…  You couldn’t pry $500 from my hands to sit in crowded stands, surrounded by drunk people screaming at the players as if they could hear, “What are you thinking?” only to have beer spilled on me, be yelled at for wearing the wrong teams’ colors, pay $20 for a hamburger, stand in line for the bathroom, when all I had to do was stay at home, sit around in my comfy pjs, eat chips and dip, drink a diet coke, and yell at the television for close to nothing at people who are playing games for close to…MILLIONS AND MILLIONS!

And why, America?  Is it fun?  I guess.  Again, I’d rather watch the college kids play.  My heart just isn’t in it for professional sports.  So the dude can throw…Worth millions?  Not at all!!!  He can hit a hole in one!  YEAH…worth millions?  Not at all?  He kicked the game winning field goal…good for him…worth millions?  NOT AT ALL!!!

The teacher who taught my child to read and write…worth millions?  YEP!  The nurse who gives me infusions once a month…worth millions?  YEP!!!  The policeman who saved the child from being harmed…worth millions?  EVERY LAST PENNY!!!  The firefighter who saved the family from the burning building…worth millions?  EVERY LAST PENNY!!!  The military man fighting for our freedom over seas…worth millions?  EVERY LAST DIME!!!  The people who run “Ray of Hope” with the hope of helping people and children eat, have clothes to wear, toys to play with, and try to lead them to our Lord…worth millions?  NO DOUBT!!!

That’s okay…you just keep catching, hitting, throwing, or kicking that ball to score points for a game that won’t matter 6 months down the line…you’re worth it…JUST NOT QUITE MILLIONS!!!

Challenge:  America, stop paying out the wazoo to watch these people throw, hit, catch, run…

Challenge:  Athletes, take a few million and invest it into our future.  Find a school that barely has enough funding for paper, chalk, computers, etc.  Build a home for a family or buy groceries for a family once a month for a year!

Challenge:  America, find other talents to invest in…the teacher who makes my child want to learn math, the rescue worker who wants to save a child from the freezing water, the social worker who cares enough to find a new home for an abused child…NOW THAT’S TALENT, AMERICA!!!!

Backwards Example #2:

Award shows…and coming down the red carpet is…a face full of Botox…only $400 + for the forehead…and don’t forget the lines around the nose…a few more $100…ohhhh, and look at that…she’s wearing a $15,000 Vera Wang…and the jewels are who?  and they cost?  $22,000!!!  Wow…those shoes are who?  $5,000…

And the losers still walk away with a “goody” bag that is worth more than $200,000.


Yes, I am in awe of their talents, just like the athletes.  Not everyone can say, “You can’t handle the truth” or “Hello Clarice” and deserve a golden statue for the mantle.  They have to learn lines, lose weight, gain weight, learn a fight scene, fly to Hawaii, get up at 5 to catch the sun just right, or kiss some hunk of a man.  Some of those things can be hard, but why must we see you flaunt how much money you made from doing these things?  Yeah, I pay to see a movie.  And like the athletes, should some of these people get paid millions for their talent?  Probably not!  And like athletic events, are movies fun to watch?  Absolutely!  But how can you be okay with paying thousands of dollars for a dress that you will never be caught dead wearing EVER again??  How can you be okay with taking home a basket worth over $200,000.  Why not donate the $15,000 for the Vera Wang special to a homeless shelter, or take a few kids shopping at JCPenny for some blue jeans and a jacket?  I know, instead of being worried about what you look like going down the red carpet, why don’t you help someone get a new house with carpet.

Challenge:  Actors and actresses of Hollywood, act your hearts out, but make the red carpet event a blue jean and t-shirt event.  Drop off a pair of jeans or a toy as you walk down the red carpet.  So, who are you wearing tonight?  Oh, these?  Blue jeans by Old Navy…flip flops too!  And this $200,000+ bag is filled with goodies for the homeless shelter.

Backwards Example #3:

My mom and dad have always said a country that does not protect its women and children is doomed.

How many times in this country have sex offenders been released only to become a repeat offender?  Or in most recent events, Sandusky at Penn State.  How many people saw him in the act and didn’t say a single word.

PEOPLE!!!!  You’re willing to protect a football program over an innocent child!!!  SICK!!!

So let me get this straight…someone can molest a child or rape a woman, get sentenced to prison, and after a few years, maybe get released because they’ve been good!  A recent statistic indicated that 1 in 19 sex offenders are repeat offenders once released.  In 1994, 4300 child molesters were released from prisons in 15 states.  Of those 4300, 5.3% were arrested again within 3 years for another sex crime!  So our country is okay with these statistics?  I don’t care if these people made their beds everyday, played nicely during outside time, or dusted their cells on a daily basis.  You’ve taken away the innocence and trust of a child.  You have instilled fear in a woman and taken her self respect.

AMERICA…who cares about these offenders’ basic rights?  They don’t deserve any!!!  They’ve taken away more from these children and women than basic rights…things that can never be replaced! Castration sounds good to me!!!  AMERICA…protect our children and women!!!

CHALLENGE:  Somebody who makes laws concerning punishment for these disgusting people…DO SOMETHING!!!!  Get some guts!  Lock them up and throw away the key!!  I can’t stand the thought of an innocent child being mistreated!  I can’t stand the thought of a woman being taken advantage of!!  Somebody, get some guts!  Don’t worry about stepping on toes and hurting someone’s feelings!

Going backwards?  Definitely!  So many other examples to show how our country is slip sliding away.  I didn’t even begin to discuss how our taxpayer dollars are being used…Try a treadmill for a shrimp?  Check it out.  That’ll make you want to vomit too!

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time or energy to tackle everything that I find wrong with my America!  I’m not a Debbie Downer.  I’m the positive person who tries to make people laugh, but sadly, I can’t fix these things.  And the people who could possibly fix some things are the ones who do get millions of dollars, but they tend to be a little more consumed with themselves!  I’m just thankful that I live in America where freedom of speech is mine.  I’m thankful I live in America for many reasons, but I’m not proud of how many things in this country are going.  All I can do is work to make changes in my small town USA and pray.

God PLEASE shed your grace on thee.